18 March 2015

Have you got your retirement plan?

Under George Osbourne's pension reforms pensioners will shortly be able to use their pension pots to invest in the buy-to-let market rather than investing in more traditional investment funds. 

I suspect some will have a good holiday, or buy a Ferrari but research carried out by Direct Line for Business report that 1 in 3 people aged between 45 to 64 with a pension are considering using their pot of money to invest in this new opportunity available to them, as they believe it offers more security in the long run with a good monthly income.  17% are also attracted by the capital appreciation property achieves over time.  9% of those surveyed found buy-to-let appealing as something that can be left to their children.

Obviously this potentially will provide a massive cash injection to the property market and it will be interesting to see what effect this has on both stock levels and values.  Watch this space!

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