20 March 2015

Latest Land Registry shows a continuing rise in prices

The January report from the Land Registry has just been issued showing a continuing rise in prices for Hampshire and Wiltshire although there is a variance in the average house price for the two areas.

Both Hampshire and Wiltshire have shown a monthly increase in house prices of 0.3% for January whereas the annual price increases differ with Hampshire showing an increase of 8.8% while Wiltshire shows a lower increase of 6.3%.  However, the average house price for Wiltshire currently stands at £198,997 whereas in Hampshire this increases to £233,651.

The report also shows that repossessions are on the decline.  The latest figures available cover August to November 2014 and show an average of 764 repossessions per month which compares with 1242 per month for the same period the previous year.

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