30 September 2016

Get Ready for Winter!

There's no getting away from it - winter is well and truly on its way.  Below are a few hints and tips on how to get your property ready for the onslaught - whether it's your home or investment, it still needs doing!

  • 1.      Check guttering – once the leaves are off the trees it’s a good time to check and clear gutters.  In our experience a lot of damp issues are often caused by blocked and overflowing gutters and downpipes.  Get rid of anything that shouldn't be there!
  • 2.      Check roof tiles and chimneys – you can take a look in the loft initially as this will show any possible damp spots.  If there are issues, get the roof checked for cracked and slipped tiles.  Another favourite area for letting in damp is chimneys.  Do they need capping?  Is the flashing in good order?  All these tasks can be checked by a good roofer or builder.
  • 3.      Ensure all pipes are adequately lagged – this especially applies to external pipework, even a short run to an outside tap.
  • 4.      Switch off the water supply to outside taps and drain them down.

Always remember though that buildings need to breath so ventilation is still very important to avoid the build up of condensation, more on that in a later blog.