12 March 2015

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Will your rental comply?

The Communities Minister Penny Mordaunt announced recently at the Local Government Association annual fire conference that, following years of campaigning by various bodies, it would become compulsory for Landlords to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms at all rental properties.

It will be the Landlords or Agents responsibility to ensure that these alarms are working on moving in but will be the tenants’ responsibility to test them throughout the tenancy and report any failures.

The British Property Federation, who have been campaigning for this law to be brought in, believe that this will force those few remaining Landlords who do not have these fitted to now get this work done.  They believe that this will save 36 lives a year.

There is further clarification awaited regarding this law but it is believed that Landlords have until October 2015 to ensure their properties comply.

For more information head over to the government website

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