5 November 2015

Hoorah!! Yet more changes in legislation!! This time its Section 21 Notices

It seems to us that the law changes virtually everyday regarding the lettings business so here is the latest little update you need to be aware of regarding Section21 notices

The salient points are as follows:

The How To Rent leaflet must be served at the commencement of the tenancy and upon any renewals. The best advice is that all 3 documents (EPC, gas safety certificate and How to Rent leaflet) should be served again when a Sec 21 is served. 

The above documents can be provided in hard copy format or via email. The 'How to Rent: the Checklist for Renting in England' does not need to be supplied every time a new version is updated.  

You will also need to provide the above documentation when you renew the tenancy.

Section 21s can now only be served after 4 months of the tenancy has passed and also must be used within 6 months of being served.

An 'adequate response' must be provided to tenants within 14 days of any maintenance request being made - this is to stop the serving of a Section 21 invalid.  We therefore suggest that all communications with tenants regarding repairs should now only be made in writing, producing an evidence paper trail if required.

Click here to go to a site that will help explain the changes and how they will affect you going forward. You will see there is a mix of legal documents and helpful guides.

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