9 November 2015

Five reasons why a tenant may turn a property down

Whilst the rental market may be currently booming in our area it is always good to know what tenants don’t like about properties.  Below are 5 of the most common reasons for turning a property down. Forewarned is forearmed!

1.       Too many stairs.  Obviously there is little a Landlord can do about this.  However, know your market and you will know who to aim a property at that is up a lot of stairs.  There is always someone who will take a nice property and it can cut down on their gym expenses!

2.       Low maintenance flooring.  Again, know your market.  A family will probably prefer carpet, sharers laminate flooring.  Either way keep it simple.  Carpets should be neutral, laminate kept in good order as once it starts to lift it can become unsafe.

3.       White goods provision.  Tenants will always prefer to have white goods fitted.  It doesn’t tend to add loads to the value but does make a property more lettable.  Just bear in mind that obviously this can increase your maintenance costs keeping them running and replacing as necessary.

4.       Central heating.  Tenants will want some form of heating so make this the most cost effective option available to you whether it be gas or modern electric heaters.

5.       Bathroom.  Statistics show that the average person takes 227 showers a year over 4 baths!  Therefore make sure you have a decent shower fitted, whether it be in a cubicle or over the bath.  If you can get it fitted with a water softener attachment to cope with the hard water in our area.

Remember, this is not your home but a business.  Therefore what may be required in your rental might not be to your taste but needs to appeal to tenants.

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