6 April 2017

Large or medium sized semi detached - Which makes the best investment?

I was recently asked by a friend of mine if he should buy a fairly standard three bedroom semi detached house in Picket Twenty or a slightly larger version with a garage.
We did some research and found a nice, nearly new three bedroom semi detached house with garage on Turnpike Road which was marketed for £275,000 should achieve a rental value around £1150pcm giving an annual yield of 5%.
A slightly smaller three bedroom semi in the same area was recently sold for £250,000 and would attract a rental value of around £1000pcm giving an annual yield of 4.8%. 
Both properties would be popular with young families, especially with the local school growing in popularity.  However, it does show that, spending more, won’t necessarily earn you a much higher return in the long run, even with a higher monthly rental income.. 
This shows that while a property can achieve a higher rents, it does not necessarily mean higher returns.

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