3 February 2017

Good investment in Ludgershall giving 6.2% return!

Look at this two bed flat in Ludgershall I spotted this week:
This may not be the prettiest property you have ever seen but if you are looking for a healthy return this could be the one for you.  On offer at £135,000, even if you pay full price, with a rental value at £700pcm this shows a good return of 6.2% less management fees.

As with all flats though, check what the management fees are.  Do they keep a sinking fund or do you need to allow for that yourself?  How long is the lease?  Whats the approximate cost of renewal of the lease?
If the answers to these questions are favourable, this flat might be worth considering.  

Ludgershall is popular with tenants as they get a bit more for their money and these days there is a couple of good food shops and plenty of take away restaurants to keep everyone happy!

If you want any advice on whether a property you are interested in is a good buy, pop in and we will be happy to advise.

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