23 January 2017

A few facts about the property market in Abbotts Ann

A Landlord who has invested in rental properties in Andover asked me about the property market in his home village of Abbotts Ann.  Abbotts Ann can trace its routes back to 50BC with the church dating from around 1710.  In 1806 Robert Tasker took over the local Blacksmiths yard and produced the first iron plough.  He subsequently set up Waterloo Iron Works in Anna Valley and built the original school in Abbotts Ann.  The village currently has a busy pub, primary school and thriving village shop run by volunteers which won an award in 2009.
The average value of a property in Abbotts Ann is £561,408.  The most expensive area in Abbotts Ann is Cattle Lane, mainly due to the land that goes with these properties.  Here the average price is over £900,000.  Only 107 properties have been sold in the village during the last 10 years.
The most expensive property was a beautiful listed property which was advertised at £1.4million while in the last 12 months only 12 properties have changed hands.
Abbotts Ann is a charming village and has a lovely, vibrant feel about it and I am sure is very popular with its residents.

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