14 November 2016

Update on the Right to Rent Act

Update on Right to Rent Act
You may remember previously we let you know about the rules and regulations surrounding the new Right To Rent Act.  Well, further changes will come into force before the end of this year.  The Home Secretary revealed the changes at the recent Conservative Party Conference and we have listed below the important points:
Current situation:
1.       Any agent or Landlord is now required to carry out Right To Rent checks in the prescribed fashion
2.       Any agent or Landlord found to be renting to a tenant who does not have the right to rent and the agent or Landlord cannot show they carried out the necessary checks will be liable for a fine of up to £3000
Amended rules:
1.       1  The process remains the same however any agent or Landlord found to be in breach of these rules still faces the same penalty as before but can also be prosecuted in the Magistrates Court with an unlimited fine and / or a 12 month prison sentence.  The agent or Landlord can also be prosecuted in the Crown Court, again with an unlimited fine and / or a maximum prison sentence of 5 years.  It has been pointed out this would be for repeat offenders
2.      2   The Agent or Landlord can be served notice by the Home Office that a tenant needs to be evicted and there will be a strict time limit on this action being carried out by the agent or Landlord.

So the general rule of thumb needs to be, do your checks!  There is plenty of help and advice regarding this from Government websites, or contact us and we can help you with check lists etc.

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