15 June 2015

How to be the perfect tenant

It’s a sad fact that tenant evictions have steadily risen over the last few years.  This is something that not only the tenant does not want, both the agent and the Landlord would prefer to avoid it too so here are a few tips in how to avoid it.

Be aware of your own and your Landlords’ rights under a tenancy agreement – before you sign a tenancy agreement check what type it is, how long it is for, is there a break clause etc.  If you have any questions, ask the agent or Landlord, be clear on what you are signing before you sign it.  This is a legal document and must be stuck to or you will be in breach which could jeopardise your tenancy.

Look after the property – Landlords can evict tenants if damage has been caused.  Accidents happen and everyone accepts this but try to put things right if an accident occurs.  We would always recommend that tenants take out insurance.  That way any damage caused could be covered and put right by the insurance thereby keeping you in the Landlords good books!

Avoid falling into arrears – This is the most common cause of evictions.  Before you commit to taking a property do your sums taking into allowance things like holidays.  If you do find you are struggling, talk to your Landlord or Agent.  Most good agents and Landlords will try and help if you talk to them.  If you ignore them you will leave them little option but eviction.

Don’t upset the neighbours! – The second most common cause of eviction is anti social behaviour.  If you think your neighbour may complain either justifiably or not, again, let your Landlord or Agent know.  Better still, try to avoid confrontation of any sort!

These points are all common sense but as with all relationships communication is key!  Talk to your agent or Landlord about any issues and they will be far more forthcoming than if you bury your head in the sand.

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